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Have a Teddy Bear Picnic Party!

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Pick and mix some Bear balloons and Teddy Bear party decorations and head down to the woods for a great Teddy Bear picnic party. Our Teddy Bear picnic party decorations and accessories will make sure your Bear themed birthday party, 1st Birthdays or Baby Shower is full of Bear necessities!

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Teddy Bear Picnic Party

A Bear party is a perfect theme for so many different reasons. Life is full of special moments and excitement and we think that a Teddy Bear picnic themed party is a theme for so many of them.

There are of course occasions that a Teddy Bear theme party really springs to mind. On a beautiful Spring or Summers day when you sense of adventure takes hold and you want to venture out and make a day of it, what better theme is there than a Teddy Bear picnic theme? Especially if you have young children and you want to install some adventure and excitement into them to encourage them to enjoy the great outdoors. Bear theme party supplies are the perfect way to make an adventure easy to arrange.

Teddy Bear picnic decorations are a classic! So whether you are having a Teddy Bear picnic party adventure or a Teddy Bear birthday theme party, our selection of great Bear party supplies will leave you feeling like you found the honey. So if you are looking for a Bear themed birthday party that is on the wild side or perhaps something a bit more traditional and classic, we think a Teddy Bear theme party is on that is worth giving serious consideration to.

A Teddy Bear birthday theme is a great choice for Pre-School children, whether you are aiming for a Teddy Bear picnic birthday party, or to have an adventure, it will bring all the excitement you need and some gorgeous Bear party decorations too. Our Teddy Bear picnic party supplies will make bringing all your friends and loved ones together easy and combine a great celebration with a cute theme that everyone will love.

What Teddy Bear picnic birthday party supplies do you need?

Any picnic should have some great Bear paper plates for your party food. We think it is especially important to think of ways to make for a more sustainable Bear party and so Bear paper plates, napkins, cups and decorations are a great way to achieve this. All you have to do is recycle them when your party is over.

A Teddy bear picnic birthday party needs to have a sense of adventure, some puzzles and some great food for your guests to enjoy. Some Teddy Bear party bags are a great way to ensure your party includes an element of adventure and puzzle. Why not add some Teddy bear party favors to your Bear party bags, add in some clues to a prize in your party bags, or even put clues in to each bag that lead your guests to your Teddy bear party favors. Your guests will love solving them and working together to get their prizes.

If this sounds like a bit too much trouble, you could keep things simpler and include some tasty treats in your Teddy Bear party bags, or perhaps a slice of cake instead?

In true Teddy Bears picnic party style, if you are going down to the woods, some Teddy Bear napkins are going to be a really important accessory for cake, sandwiches and potentially some spillage – but most importantly for cake!

Sweet Bear Balloons

Finding some great Bear foil balloons for your party is a must! There are so many great Bear themed party balloons to choose from and even more ways that you could use them!

One of our favourites is to position your Bear balloons in the hand of a Teddy, so that it looks like a Bear holding balloons. Not only does this look great as a decoration, it looks totally cute too! Why not gift a bear and use he Bear balloons to make it look even more spectacular!

Another great way to use balloons at your Teddy Bear theme birthday party is to group a few Teddy Bear foil balloons together and make them into an arrangement. Your Bear helium balloons will look great as a table centrepiece.

A bigger, bolder and more impactful way to use balloons and create a stunning Teddy Bear picnic balloon display would be to create a Bear balloon arch. We think browns, creams and blues all look great tied together in a Bear balloon display. Add a Bear helium balloon on the top, or perhaps a Teddy Bear shaped foil balloon and your arch will look perfectly themed.

Teddy Bear Party Decorations

With so many great Bear party decorations to choose between, getting your Bear themed birthday party looking the party is easy, whether you are aiming to make a wild bear look or a cute and cuddly Teddy Bear birthday party feel.

Finding outdoors Teddy Bear picnic party decorations can at first seem problematic. We think some hanging bear themed birthday party decorations, a personalisable bear banner and a Teddy Bear birthday banner are all easy decorations to consider.

We that a Teddy Bear theme 1st birthday is the perfect choice. A Teddy Bears Picnic 1st birthday party is a perfect mix of excitement, colourful persona and cuteness all rolled into one, come to think of it, that sounds like a certain little one year old!

We love the idea of giving your guests each a Teddy Bear party hat to wear and take home with them afterwards. A Teddy Bear party hat is something they can then wear and relive the memories of your Teddy tastic party over and over again!

Our Blue Bear birthday decorations and party supplies and include filled party bags, party invitations, balloons, decorations and tableware, including cups, plates, napkins and tablecovers. Get a wild deal with one of our ready to order Bear party packs!

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