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Discover a magical selection of Unicorn themed party supplies and decor and create a very special rainbow Unicorn birthday party for your VIPs!

Let our Unicorn themed birthday party supplies inspire your party and make it easy to unlock all the Unicorn party ideas you need to host a colourful Unicorn theme party full of mystique and beauty.

You can also enjoy free delivery on qualifying orders, but if you need your Unicorn birthday theme supplies delivered in a hurry, we offer Next Day delivery too!

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Unicorn Cake Topper

A must have item for any unicorn themed party is a unicorn cake topper plus unicorn cupcake toppers too!

Looking to create a show stopping design with your unicorn cake decorations? You can’t go wrong with a unicorn cake topper. A rainbow unicorn cake topper is a bright and vibrant addition to any unicorn cake.

Why not go big and add numerous unicorn cake toppers to your unicorn cake decorations. This works perfectly on a tiered cake.

No matter the size of your unicorn party or unicorn birthday party, there is always room for cake! And what better way to decorate than with a unicorn cake topper!

Looking for unicorn party ideas on a budget? Why not jazz up some shop bought cupcakes, with our unicorn cupcake toppers? Even plain cupcakes will look fabulous with our unicorn cupcake toppers and bring a unicorn vibe to your unicorn table decor.

So no matter how big you want to go with your unicorn cake decorations and unicorn toppers, we have it covered!

Great Rainbow Unicorn Party Supplies

When it comes to Unicorn party supplies, quite simply colour is key. Why pick just one colour when you can have them all?!

Get your party off to a great themed start. Send unicorn party invitations to your guests. You can then start putting together a list of who will be coming to the occasion.

Hosting the best rainbow unicorn party is heavily reliant on colourful unicorn decorations. Be bright and vibrant, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to be too loud though!

Wondering how to host a unicorn party or a unicorn theme birthday party? Well, the secret is colour and getting it just right for your taste.

You are going to need unicorn party decorations and unicorn birthday decorations that achieve your vision of colour.

That might mean mainly pink unicorn party decorations, it may mean pastel unicorn decorations. Perhaps you want to ahcieve a set of full on colour filled rainbow unicorn party decorations. Whatever unicorn birthday decorations you choose, you can be sure they will be colourful! This is one of the great things about a unicorn party theme,

Unicorn Party Tableware

Firstly, let’s set the scene with our table unicorn party decorations. A great way to decorate your table is with a unicorn tablecloth. Of course you need some unicorn napkins, unicorn plates (we prefer recyclable unicorn paper plates) and some unicorn party cups.

Our unicorn party decorations are not only essential items. They look great but and are also very practical especially when kids are involved. Why not also use our unicorn napkins for wrapping cake in for your guests to take home? A practical yet simple solution.

Our unicorn tablecloths are great to be used when food is involved. Why not also use a unicorn tablecloth on the floor if you are outside as a picnic mat?

Finally, our unicorn plates are great for treats, cakes, and all things sweet. Looking for unicorn party ideas on a budget? Why not use our unicorn paper plates as face masks for your guests to wear? You could even get your guests to decorate them too!

All of these ideas can easily be included into a unicorn theme birthday party too!

What Unicorn Party Decorations do I need?

We are often asked, what unicorn party decorations do I need? With so much unicorn decor and so many great unicorn party ideas to choose between, luckily you are spoilt for choice.

Of course, we have some great recommendations for unicorn birthday decorations that are sure to make your party top notch. We recommend you use a mixture of unicorn decorations. Grab a unicorn birthday banner, add some unicorn bunting and some unicorn birthday balloons, plus some unicorn hanging decorations. You will decorate your party room to perfection.

Our unicorn decorations make for a great unicorn backdrop that will add character and depth to any room or venue. Why not also use our unicorn bunting on your walls, doors or tables for that extra unicorn feel.

Why not also pair our unicorn garlands with colour matched decorations for another unicorn twist to your party!

For an extra special unicorn birthday theme such as a unicorn 1st birthday. Up your unicorn table decor and scatter some unicorn confetti and unicorn centerpieces! You could team our unicorn birthday banner with our range of complementing 1st birthday supplies.

Finally, why not add some other unicorn banner décor, to complement your unicorn happy birthday banners? Silhouettes or cut out shaped unicorns make a great additional to walls, doors and even ceilings at a unicorn birthday theme.

Unicorn Party Bags

Want to thank your guests for coming to your unicorn birthday party? Why not treat them with our great selection of unicorn party bags and unicorn party favors?

Kids love collecting things! Taking home a unicorn party bag filled with unicorn party favors at home is sure to be a hit!

We have unicorn party bags that are made of plastic. If you are looking for a more sustainable product such as paper, we have it covered.

Our great range of unicorn party favors includes stickers, toy figures and stationery, there is something for every taste and budget.

Our unicorn party bags are also great for a slice of cake or for sweets and treats too!

Unicorn Balloons

When it comes to unicorn balloons you don’t need to look further than Party Save Smile! Our large selection includes some great unicorn helium balloons, such as giant unicorn balloon and unicorn balloon bouquets.

The choices around balloons can seem overwhelming. Let us guide you through some great ideas using our unicorn foil balloons as a starting point.

Unicorn foil balloons are a great base for any unicorn birthday theme. Use them on their own or as part of a unicorn balloon bouquet! Unicorn balloons are a must have item for your unicorn party.

Create a unicorn balloon bouquet, or maybe several uniform bouquets and use them as your table centrepieces. A group of unicorn helium balloons arranged with a giant unicorn balloon as the focal point will look magical. This is sure to get your guests taking and transport them to a magical unicorn fantasy land!

Celebrating a birthday too? Why not use our unicorn birthday balloons to complement other unicorn balloons. They will add some extra wow to a unicorn birthday party!

Unicorn Balloon Arch

Want to go big at your unicorn party? Another great unicorn balloon decoration idea is to create a unicorn balloon arch or unicorn balloon garland.

To create a unicorn balloon arch, use pastel unicorn balloons and combine them with our great range of unicorn latex balloons. This combination is sure to leave a lasting an impression on your guests. Creating a spectacular unicorn balloon arch is easier to achieve than you might think. Whether you are using an arch as a door entrance, across a table or as unicorn backdrop for photographs.

Another way to make an impact and create a great unicorn backdrop is a unicorn balloon garland. Pair your garland with unicorn foil balloons and create accents of colour. They are perfect to decorate your walls, tables, or door entrances in style.

How about a selection of giant unicorn balloon, unicorn airwalker balloon or walking unicorn balloon at your unicorn themed party too. Imagine your guests faces when they see a large unicorn balloon on a table or on the floor as a decoration.

Take it a step further. Have a walking unicorn balloon to greet the birthday girl or boy at their bedroom door when they wake up! They are sure to be surprised!

One final great way to add some wow-factor is to order some unicorn helium balloons delivered. You could even create a unicorn balloon garland with some great unicorn foil balloons. Of course a centre point for your display is important to have too. What better centrepoint than a giant unicorn balloon complemented by some smaller unicorn balloons or even some rainbow unicorn balloons.

Unicorn Party Games and Unicorn Party Hats

Every party needs a great game or two, and a unicorn party is no different.

Keep unicorn party games as simple and traditional as possible. It will go a long way to making your game time a success. What about a unicorn pinata? We have a great selection of rainbow unicorn pinata, unicorn pull pinata and unicorn pinata kits for you to choose.

Unicorn pinatas not for you? What about a pin tail on unicorn party game? It is easy to explain, quick to set up and makes for fun that your guests are sure to remember.

Our pin tail on unicorn game is not just for kids, why not get the whole family involved too!

Looking for some more crafty unicorn party game ideas? Our favourite is to have a unicorn party hats making contest.

Get your guests making some great unicorn hats or horns and let your guests choose a winner. Just be mindful of the mess! If this sounds too messy, we have a selection of unicorn hats in our range too.

Looking for an affordable dressing up idea? Then our unicorn party hats are great way to get everyone involved so that no-one feels left out.

Grab a ready to order Unicorn Party Set

Sometimes life is busy enough, this is when our unicorn party packs comes into their own. They will save you the bother of having to hunt for a unicorn party near me.

They are a great way to make sure you get a better deal! Who doesn’t love some cheap unicorn birthday decorations? Particularly when you are looking for unicorn party ideas on a budget. Who doesn’t love some cheap unicorn birthday decorations, particularly when you are looking for unicorn party ideas on a budget.

Our unicorn themed party supplies include filled party bags, unicorn party invitations, balloons, unicorn party tableware. We also have unicorn party plates and cups, napkins, gift cards, party favours, unicorn topper, and unicorn tablecloths. Plus a great selection of ready-made party pack ideas.

Our unicorn party supplies come with Free and Next Day UK Delivery options for you to choose too!

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