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Party streamers make great party decoration. Use them alongside a garland decoration and our crepe streamer will ensure your party is on trend, extra special and on colour. easy to use! Our garland decorations and crepe streamer decorations are easy to use too!

Crepe Steamer for Party – A Great Decoration?

Looking for a cheap party decoration? You must consider using streamers for party decoration. It is a great option. Using decoration streamers helps to decorate a large space and they come in a great selection of colours and shades of colour too!

A popular way to decorate using streamers is to create a party streamer backdrop. Some ribbon streamer decorations are a great option too.

Whatever way you decide to use a streamer for a party, they offer a great option to add colour, fill in gaps and perhaps most importantly are just perfect to get creative with by making your own decorations.

Party Streamer Backdrop

There are many great ways to decorate with streamers. We mentioned that a popular way to use them is to create a party streamer backdrop.

This could be a huge backdrop on a stage, or a small one in a room behind a cake. Whatever the size of your party streamer backdrop, it will be fun to create and will be whatever you decide to make it.

One party streamer backdrop idea that we love is to create rainbow streamer decorations. This is easily achieved by combining several colours of streamer. Rainbow streamer decorations are perfect when you need a splash of colour!

Visually, the impact when you decorate with streamers, is fantastic. Rainbow streamers decorations are a popular choice at kid’s parties and of course at pride festivals.

Another great way to decorate with streamers is to create streamer ceiling decorations. They are the perfect way to get creative with children whatever the occasion. The only thing you have to do is make sure the colours you choose work for the occasion!

Many or our customers create a decorative backdrop made of a streamer for party at Easter, on birthday and seasonal occasions. We think, if you want to be creative, some DIY crepe paper decorations are a perfect option that is cost effective and easy to work with.

Streamer Decoration Ideas

At a kids party, streamers are a perfect choice. The most popular birthday streamer decoration ideas tend to include rainbow streamers decorations.

If you are feeling adventurous, you could have a go at tying ribbon streamer decorations as bows. They look great hung from your party walls. They are a great choice at a wedding or similar occasion.

If you still have some streamer left over, and want to add a personal touch to your occasion. You could use paper streamer decorations to spell the name of the birthday person and hang this somewhere prominent.

Crepe Paper Decorations – We love them!

We love decoration streamers or a crepe streamer or two for lots of reasons. They are colourful, versatile and available in a whole range of colours. You can hang your party streamers on walls, from the ceiling and use them to add texture or something fancy to your occasions such as a making ribbon streamer decorations.

Streamer ceiling decorations offer an easy and cost effective way to add another dimension to your party room. That is why we think crepe paper streamer decorations might just be one of the best party decorations out there!

When you are looking to do some DIY decorating at your party some DIY crepe paper streamer decorations has to be one of the easiest options.

Paper streamer decorations offer some great colour options too. We think gold streamers decorations are perfect for a more sophisticated occasion, as wedding streamers decorations, an anniversary or a graduation. Gold and silver streamers decorations are often used together at these types of celebrations.

Green streamers decorations are a popular choice at a kids party and look great alongside floral displays and jungle themes.

Blue and pink streamers decorations are great for any occasion, but especially as baby shower streamers decorations.

What are Party Streamers Made of?

Crepe Streamers are made of paper, this is great as it means they are also recyclable! They tend to have a lot of different names too. Whatever you call them, be it door streamers, paper streamers, tissue streamers or serpentine streamers, our great selection of paper streamers comes in a range of colours such as blue, red, gold and silver.

Available in a selection of sizes, styles and colours our Garland and Crepe Streamer party decorations work well with any party theme, whether is a birthday, wedding, anniversary or a seasonal event. They are the perfect complement to our Fan, Puff Ball and and Honeycomb decor too!

Decorate with Garland Decorations

Streamers and decorative garland decorations work together well. They are perfect for lots of occasions.

For us, a decorative garland conjures an image of a wedding, a summer fete, or an outdoor get together. Stands and marquees with paper garland decorations hanging between then or across the entrances. They look beautiful owing to decorative garlands.

At a wedding, beautiful, coloured paper garland decorations hanging across the venue as your guests walk beneath them. Used as outdoor garland decorations hung between trees or to create walkways and sections using beautiful decorative garlands.

Paper Wedding Garlands

Paper garland decorations are perfect for a huge range of events, occasions and parties, especially as wedding garlands.

If your wedding is being held in a venue with stairs, this can perhaps be a tricky area to decorate, we think some stairs garland decorations can work wonders. Wrap some decorative garlands around the banister, or hang them off them and your decorative garland will take care of the rest.

Another great way to use garlands is to introduce some decorative tassel garland decorations. The tassels will look beautiful and add another layer to your décor.

Our UK customers love white pom pom garland decorations, black and white garland decor and rose gold garland decorations are another popular choice. They are available in a range of sizes such as 9ft and 12 ft garlands.

If you are looking for a garland for home decor such as a decorative garland for bedroom, our garland decorations will look just beautiful whether you use them as indoor or outdoor garland decorations.

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