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Plain Colour Balloons | Party Balloons | Party Save Smile

Looking to create the perfect balloon display? Our range of coloured balloons is just perfect for anyone and any occasion. Whether you are looking for decorator balloons or an amateur, add a splash of colour to the ocasion with our plain coloured party balloons.

Qualatex Balloons

Having the right balloons is so important, the colour, the quality, the float time and the selection, for many balloon professionals they look to Qualatex balloons as the brand to trust for this need. That is why we have a huge range of Qualatex balloons. We know that choice is important to our customers which is why we also stock Sempertex balloons, and have a great selection of pastel color balloons, chrome balloons, matte balloons and multi coloured balloons in a huge selection of sizes and materials.

Coloured Latex Helium Balloons

Our latex balloons are available as 5 inch balloons, 9 inch balloons, 16 inch balloons, 36 inch balloons and 11 inch balloons, as well as lots more. Pack sizes also vary from a bulk of balloons 100, to much smaller pack sizes such as 12 balloons. We have a great range of latex helium balloons too!

Coloured Foil Balloons

Our range of plain helium balloons and plain foil balloons is also extensive, and come in a large selection of shapes, sizes and colours.

Our comprehensive range of coloured balloons includes balloons from leading manufacturers such as Qualatex, Anagram, Sempertex, Decotex, Grabo, Globos and many more!

With Free and Next Day UK delivery options available, we wanted to give you that floating feeling.

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