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Discover our great selection of paper hanging decor, which combines honeycomb decorations, paper fan decorations & pom poms for your special occasions.

Let our selection of honeycomb paper decorations in all the colours you need take your paper party decorations to the next level! Whether you need paper ball decorations or paper honeycomb decorations!

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Honeycomb Decorations

Paper honeycomb decorations are a beautiful way to decorate. They are sure to make any occasion look like a grand occasion! Honeycomb decorations are a perfect choice, add some honeycomb paper decorations to your decorating display and you will add texture, colour and grandeur.

Honeycomb decorations are paper decorations honeycomb styled, they are available in a selection of shapes and colours.

Perhaps the most popular shaped honeycomb paper decorations are honeycomb ball decorations. We love the idea of using honeycomb ball decorations at a garden party, hang them in a tree or from a gazebo and they will really look the part!

Diamond honeycomb decorations are another very popular choice of honeycomb decoration. When it comes to using your paper decorations honeycomb, hang them from a ceiling or wall and they will look spectacular.

Diamond paper honeycomb decorations lend themselves to weddings, anniversaries and ceremonies, their structure and angles catch the eye. They add structure and symmetry to your decorations, while the honeycomb area adds texture but in a minimalistic way.

Giant honeycomb decorations are a nice touch if you are looking to decorate a big space, they are a simple way to decorate a large area and create a lasting impression.

What colour Honeycomb Paper Decorations should I choose?

Paper honeycomb decorations are such a popular option for decorating because they are available in a huge choice of colours. Inevitably some colours are more popular than others, the colour you need will depend on your occasion, you colour scheme and the look you desire.

Our customers often ask which paper decorations honeycomb colour are the most popular?

The answer may come as a surprise, but on reflection is easy to understand. White honeycomb paper decorations are consistently popular. This is unsurprising when you think about why. White paper decorations honeycomb are a perfect decoration to use at a wedding. Being white, they offer a delicate and timeless decoration that will work perfectly with any colour scheme. They are easy on the eye, elegant and timeless.

After white honeycomb paper decorations, red honeycomb decorations is a popular choice. Red honeycomb decorations are perfectly when it comes to expressions of love. Add some red honeycomb decorations at valentines day and your décor will look beautiful. Other celebrations such as a Ruby wedding anniversary or Mothers Day lend themselves to them too. Vivid and full of colour, red honeycomb decorations make a striking visual decoration.

Another sought after colour of tissue honeycomb decorations are silver honeycomb decorations. Silver honeycomb decorations are versatile. Being neutrally coloured, they are great for special occasions, in particular weddings, anniversaries, New Year and Graduations.

If you are looking for a striking visual set of honeycomb decorations, we think combining white honeycomb decorations with silver honeycomb decorations works really well. White honeycomb decorations work well when combined with lots of other colours of tissue honeycomb decorations too. The white balances other colours and complements them, they are great option to make sure you can add colour to your décor but without going too overboard.

We think honeycomb paper decorations work really well alongside paper pom pom decorations and paper fan decorations too.

Paper Fans Decorations UK

Something about paper fan decorations just grabs attention. When you are looking for some attractive wall decor fan decorations are the perfect option. Decorative fans are so much more than decorative wall fans though. They can be used as ceiling decorations.

We especially like the ideas of using decorative fans to hang from feature points at a venue, they look incredible. Popular ways to use your fan wall decoration include to hang from a wall fixture above a celebration cake or in doorways.

A fan wall decoration is a great way to add texture to your decorations. Their beautiful folds mean that a wall decor fan effortlessly creates a layer of texture. Perhaps it is this texture that makes a wall decoration fan so eye catching?

Decorative wall fans are a standout decoration option at weddings too. The great thing about paper fans decorations UK is that they are quick to put in place, lightweight and available in such a great range of colours.

Decorative wall fan decorations offer so many choices and sizes, so it is easy to make you have the right decorative fans for your occasion. For large venues or big spaces, some large decorative wall fans will be perfect. Hang your large fan wall decor on a plain coloured wall, or somewhere that needs some inspiration and instantly it will look on theme!

Using tissue fans decorations as a decorative fans for windows is an idea we love too. In an orangery or conservatory some decorative fans for windows hung on the window handles is all you need to add some colour and transform the area!

We have mentioned just a few of the paper fan decoration ideas that come to mind, but the possibilities really are endless. Why not grab yourself some decorative paper wall fans and see what you come up with?

Don’t for get to mix and match some large decorative folding fans with smaller ones to achieve the look that is perfect for you!

Pom Poms for Decoration

Paper pom pom decorations are a great paper decoration option for lots of occasions too.

Often referred to as paper puff decorations, we think pom pom party decorations come into their own when used as a wedding decoration. Use them to complement some paper fan decorations and some honeycomb decorations, they will look stunning.

Why pom pom party decorations?

Balance! Adding paper pom pom decorations alongside honeycomb decorations is a great way to balance your decorations. Pom pom decorations complement lots of types of decorations and are great when used to add a burst of colour.

At a wedding, paper pom poms decorations offer a great room decor option. When you are looking for pom pom room décor they are a great choice. Don’t think they are limited to indoor use though, they work brilliantly outdoors too. Pom pom room decor is great because it is so easy to use and can be used almost anywhere. At a party decorations pom poms are a great way to add some colour.

Why not use pom pom wedding decorations to decorate the middle of tables as well as walls! The versatility that party decorations pom poms offer is one of the main reasons we love our customers choosing tissue paper pom poms wedding decorations. The options and ways you can use them are endless! We think at a wedding some silver pom pom decorations are a great choice, whatever your colour scheme!

Why not hang some pom pom nursery decor at home? Blue pom pom decorations hung above a cot or changing station is a great way to decorate with the décor out of reach of little ones hands. If your room is for a girl, you might prefer pink pom pom decorations instead.

It really is incredible how some cheap pom pom decorations can transform a childrens nursery and is a great option if you are working to a tight budget and want to get maximum bang for your buck.

On trend and fun, our Pom Poms and Honeycomb decorations are available in a selection of sizes, styles and colours. They work well with any party theme, whether it is a birthday, wedding, anniversary or a seasonal event.

With a selection of Pom Poms and Honeycomb decorative shapes such as Balls, Fans and Diamonds, you have all the paper puff decorations to get your party started.

With Free and Next Day UK Delivery options available, you may need an extra fan to cool you down.

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