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Peppa Pig Balloons to make a splash!

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Peppa Pig party supplies that won’t leave you stuck in the mud. A great selection of Peppa Pig party decorations await, combine them with some Peppa pig balloons and make a splash! Host a Peppa Pig party and join Peppa, George and the rest of the animal gang for an awesome Peppa Pig birthday celebration!

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Our party supplies are Officially Licenced products and include essentials such as Tablecovers, Plates, Napkins, Cups, Party Balloons, Party Decorations, Party Banners, Party Bags and Party Packs.

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Perfect Peppa Pig party supplies

Every Peppa Pig party needs some great Peppa Pig and George party supplies. Host a Peppa Pig theme party and share a Happy Birthday Peppa Pig theme with all your little ones best pals.

What Peppa Pig party supplies do you need for a great party?

For a Peppa Pig theme birthday party that will leave your guests feeling like Peppa VIPs, you are going to need some great Peppa Pig theme party tableware. Peppa Pig plates and a Peppa Pig tablecloth are going to be essentials!

When thinking about a Peppa pig theme party, we think it is important to consider ways to make yours a more sustainable Peppa Pig party, choosing Peppa Pig paper plates and other paper tableware is a great way to do you bit. Peppa Pig paper plates are sourced from sustainable sources and are wideley recycled too!

Before you order you Peppa Pig tableware set, don’t forget to extend some Peppa Pig invitations to your guests! Peppa Pig party invitations are easily overlooked, but are the perfect way to make your VIPs feel special and know what the theme of your party is too.

One way to make planning your Peppa Pig birthday theme easier is to take a look at our great Peppa Pig tableware sets. They are ready made an inclide important items such as Peppa Pig napkins and even an all important Peppa Pig birthday banner.

Add some great Peppa Pig themed party food to the occasion and mix and match filled party bags, party invitations, balloons, decorations and tableware, including cups, plates, napkins and tablecovers and you will really have your Peppa Pig George birthday theme on the right track. In a muddle for party ideas? Our ready to order Peppa Pig party sets are a great place to start!

Peppa Pig Party Games

Why not add some Peppa Pig party games to your party? What better game than a Peppa Pig pinata?

A Peppa Pig Pinata is a great choice for many reasons, most importantly you can fill it with sweets and treats for your guests to reveal when the game is over! Just make sure you have plenty of treats for everyone! Play your Peppa Pig pinata game towards the end of your party when your little guests might be getting a bit tired, the treats will work perfectly as a little pick me up.

Other great classic Peppa Pig Happy Birthday games include pass the parcel, musical statues or a drawing competition, why not make some drawing competition Peppa Pig Happy birthday games – have your guests draw and the best one wins a prize! Some Peppa Pig party hats or Peppa Pig party bag fillers will ensure you have some great rewards to hand out!

Peppa Pig Balloons

You can’t have a Peppa Pig birthday party without some Peppa Pig balloons! Whether you need some Peppa Pig birthday balloons or a Peppa Pig balloon arch, we have plenty for your to make a fab Peppa Pig balloon arrangement!

Most Peppa Pig themed party decorations will make use of a Peppa balloon, perhaps a Peppa Pig Happy Birthday balloon or a cluster of Peppa Pig birthday balloons as a centrepiece. With so many Peppa Pig Balloons and so many ways to use them, your Peppa balloon display will be just how you wanted it.

We think two great ways to use Peppa Pig birthday balloons at your party stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Firstly, why not use a soft toy and have Peppa Pig holding balloons as a table centrepiece or decoration. You could even gift a soft toy this way! We think a Peppa Pig holding a Peppa balloon with a birthday wish looks simple, it is simple but effective!

Secondly, if you are looking for something a bit bigger, and sometimes bigger is better, you could use some Peppa Pig latex balloons and combine them with colour balloons to make a Peppa Pig balloon arch. Why not dot some Peppa Pig foil balloons across your Peppa Pig balloon arch or attach a Giant Peppa Pig balloon or a Peppa Pig head shape balloon at the top? A Peppa Pig balloon arch won’t be for everyone, but it certainly looks great at the entrance of a venue for your guest to walk below when they arrive!

Cheap Peppa Pig Party Decorations

Getting your Peppa Pig room décor just right can be tricky. At Party Save Smile we have so many great Peppa Pig decorations to choose from in different styles that will make sure decorating your party will be anything but a muddy affair!

So whether you are looking for a decoration with Peppa Pig face on, the family car or some of Peppa Pigs friends, you are spoilt for choice. Our Peppa Pig party decorations include some great Peppa Pig birthday banner options and Peppa Pig bunting. Perfect Peppa Pig room décor is at your finger tips!

With our Peppa Pig banner and Peppa Pig decorations, whether it is a Peppa Pig Happy Birthday 4 or a Peppa Pig1st or 2nd birthday, whatever age your child will be, we make planning easy. We even have Peppa Pig invitations that you can use as place setting decorations. Or you could choose to send more traditional Peppa Pig invites instead.

The last decoration we haven’t mentioned are some Peppa Pig candles. The perfect Peppa Pig cake, has to be finished it off with Peppa Pig candles!

Peppa Pig Party Ideas for girls or boy...

With so many different friends, Peppa Pig there are so many ideas that you could use to make your Peppa Pig party just perfect. Peppa and George's pals include Pedro the Pony, Danny the Dog, Suzy the Sheep, Gerald the Giraffe, Emily the Elephant and Richard the Rabbit. One idea we love is to see if your guests can answer some Peppa Pig questions, the one we all want to know the answer to how old is candy cat from Peppa Pig?

For an extra bonus prize you could even ask your guests when is Peppa Pigs birthday or what is Peppa Pigs size? Why not ask your guests and make a game of it whilst you serve up the party food on Peppa Pig plates on your Peppa Pig tablecover! You could even treat them with Peppa Pig animal face masks to wear as a special treat.

Your Peppa Pig Party Made easy!

We have everything you need to make sure your Peppa Pig mad little one has a great time, unfortunately, the only thing we can't provide it an indoor muddy puddle! With so much choice, we have made getting your party off to a great start easier, our team have carefully put together some of our best sellers to create some great Peppa Pig and Friends party pack. Our Peppa Pig party bundles are sure to make for a great celebration.

With Free and Next Day UK Delivery options available, you will certainly feel like splashing in muddy puddles!

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