6 Themed Party Ideas for Kids that they will love

15 June 2021

6 Kids Birthday Parties Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Setting up a party that your kids and their friends will love can be quite a daunting experience. Your kids might have big ideas and have been to some pretty epic friends parties. Find yourself asking your children what theme they want for their party? One day they may want princesses, the next superheroes and there is really no way to figure out exactly what they want sometimes, and you get a different answer each time? We hear you.

That’s why we have come up with some great party themes for kids that they will love at their party! Certain party themes tend to win them over remarkably quick and if you are planning a party for your special little guy or girl, consider one of these 6 amazing party themes your kids will truly love.

6 Kids Birthday Parties Ideas Your Kids Will Love - Dinosaur party theme

1) Dinosaurs - A Roarsome kids party theme!

They might be long since extinct, but a great Dinosaur themed party is most certainly not! A dinosaur party is a great idea, boy or girl, everyone loves dinosaurs and with so many great dinosaur party ideas out there this is a great party theme for kids.

Dinosaur party supply are great because there are so many Dinosaur decorations to choose, meaning there are so many unique ways to decorate, whether you are looking to have a dinosaur party on a budget or going all out!

Kids party themes can become a little complex, but throw a dinosaur theme and you will love how simplistic it can be. Dinosaur balloons, plates, napkins, and virtually everything else you might want for the party are available in a great selection of themes some more suitable to older kids, others for younger kids. If you are worried about how to hold a dinosaur party for girls, then you shouldn’t be!

Dinosaurs is one of the birthday themes for boys that never seem to miss the mark, but if you have a little girl that loves dinosaurs, they can go wild too. So get some party decorations dinosaurs and the perfect dinosaur birthday décor and make your party a roaring success.

6 Kids Birthday Parties Ideas Your Kids Will Love - Mermaid party theme

2) Mermaid - A merm-azing kids party theme idea

Mermaids parties are aimed more at girls for sure. The mystical nature of mermaids makes them a true party hit.

Mermaid party themes are hot right now, mermaid are among the most popular children party ideas and finding the right mermaid party supplies, decorations, mermaid balloons and themed food for a mermaid party is easy.

We love mermaid party themes because girl birthday themes tend to be covered in just pink, but with a mermaid theme, you get all the colours of the ocean at your disposal. Blues, greens, purples, and yes, some pink can all work beautifully with the theme and a even little glitter can be used for example as scales on all your mermaid party decorations. Make a splash with mermaid birthday themes including Disney's Ariel the Little Mermaid too!

6 Kids Birthday Parties Ideas Your Kids Will Love - Gaming party theme

3) Gaming Themed Party

Party ideas for boys can be a little difficult to find. Superheroes are a safe bet as is wizards so a Harry Potter themed party is also another option, but we think for boys theme parties, you can never go wrong with a Gaming theme party.

With the popularity of games like Fortnite and Minecraft, we think gaming themed parties are great choice as a party them for a boy especially. Gaming themed parties are just as good for a girls party theme too!

A gaming themed party is sure to be one of the most popular birthday themes for boys and bigger kids too! We love gaming themed parties, because there is so much possibility. We think a combination og themes is a great option, some Minecraft themed decorations, some fortnite themed balloons and some retro gaming themed party supplies all work together well. Then you have classics like Super Mario party decorations, there is a lot that can be done for this type of party theme. Gaming themed parties can be very elaborate and you can bring the levels of any game to life. Another top tip is to have kids play games at the party, team games would be best thought so no-one gets left out! This is a great way to keep kids distracted as parents clean up from the event or as a break from general party festivities.

6 Kids Birthday Parties Ideas Your Kids Will Love - Unicorn party theme

4) Unicorn Kids Party Theme Ideas

In recent times, unicorns are everywhere and when you are looking for the right girl birthday party ideas, you cannot go wrong with a well placed unicorn party. Unicorns tick a lot of boxes, they are colourful, magical and are sure to get a little ones imagination running wild.

There are so many ways to make a Unicorn party special and your own, this is why we think Unicorn parties are still one of the best party ideas for kids. We love that you can get creative and make Unicorn horns from a variety of materials such as cardboard or other paper materials. We love that you can use an empty ice cream cone and place it upside down on your cake and it will work wonders as an edible unicorn horn.

Party decorations for girls and a unicorn party are simple to get crafty with too. Why not try some streamers of all the colours of the rainbow and create a simple but eye catching decorative rainbow! Unicorn parties bring the fun and make decorating a lot of fun too. So why not choose a unicorn themed party and have fun making your child’s unicorn dreams a reality.

6 Kids Birthday Parties Ideas Your Kids Will Love - Disney kids party theme ideas

5) Disney Kids Parties Theme

What kid does not like Disney? So it stands to reason that you can’t go wrong with a Disney themed party! Disney has become a part of virtually every little girl or little boy’s life and Disney movies have it all, love stories, magic, epic adventure, and fairytale creatures.

All you have to do is choose a character, or a few and get a great party theme for kids. It really is easy to make their dream of a great party come true when you hold a Disney party. Finding the right Disney movie for your themed party is not an issue either. Ask any little boy or girl and they will happily tell you their favorite Disney character/movie. Now all you have to do is choose the decorations and party supplies you need for this kids party theme, by the way it is easy.

Virtually every Disney movie in existence has some form of party decorations and supplies, all you have to do is pick the one that right for you. Once you have picked your Disney party themes, you just have to have fun with it.

6 Kids Birthday Parties Ideas Your Kids Will Love - Animal kids party theme

6) Animal kids party theme ideas

Kids love animals, and there are so many animals they can love. What better theme to have at your party than an animal theme. From farm animals to jungles animals, cats to dogs or perhaps something a bit more exotic, an animal themed party makes for a great kids party theme idea!

Animal themed kids parties are a lot of fun and with some great animal decorations and party supplies you are on to a winner of a kids party theme!

We love animal parties, they are suitable for all ages, and cover so many themes. Not only can you decorate an animal themed party with animals, you can make it more interactive and educational by hiring animals in the themed party for kids that you are hosting. This is a great way to teach children about animals, have them see them up close and for some animals handle and even stroke them!

You could even hold a party at a farm or zoo! Farm animal themed parties have become more popular in recent years and they offer a wide range of experiences as part of the package too!

Animal themed birthday parties are one of our favourites, simply because they are one of the few themes that seem to please everyone, so if you happen to have a set of boy/girl twins, an animal theme will give you the freedom to have one party for both without bringing two, often opposite themes together.

6 Kids Birthday Parties Ideas Your Kids Will Love - Summary

So there you have it, some great party themes for kids that they are sure to love.

Every child deserves a great party theme, they love them and they grow up so fast too! There are plenty of older years where simply having a generic party with a generic cake will be adequate, but kids love themed parties and they create wonderful excitement and memories that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Anyone can throw a birthday party, but when you add in a theme to the mix, it brings a whole other level of fun to the event. Never neglect the need for a proper theme at your child’s birthday party. Whether it is an elaborate theme or just a basic one, themed child’s birthday party ideas are a must.

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