Harry Potter Party Supplies & Harry Potter Party Bags

Perfect Harry Potter Birthday Decorations!

Harry Potter Party Supplies & Harry Potter Party Decorations

Bring the magic of Hogwarts with our great Harry Potter birthday decorations and Harry Potter birthday party supplies. Take your party to 9 ¾ for a Harry Potter themed party with Harry Potter glasses favours and of course some Harry Potter party bags to put them in!

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Perfect Harry Potter Birthday Decorations

When you start to plan a Harry Potter party, you picture a magical setting, where your guests can join Harry, Ron and Hermione at Hogwarts School. You can let your guests decide whether they belong in Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, and your Harry Potter birthday decorations are just perfect, making it easy for you to decorate your party to perfection.

At Party Save Smile, all of this is possible, but which Harry Potter birthday decorations will you choose from our great range? You are going to want to consider our selection of Harry Potter birthday banners, Harry Potter hanging swirls, table confetti and some Harry Potter table decorations are important too!

Harry Potter Banner

Harry Potter décor for a birthday party is a very personal thing. With a Harry Potter birthday banner on the wall, we think some Harry Potter selfie props placed in the middle of the table are a great table decoration, they actually make a really easy and quick to set up centrepiece. Ask your guests to strike a pose with Harry Potter selfie props in front of your Harry Potter happy birthday banner and you will create some great memories too!

Harry Potter Balloons

Complement your Harry potter décor with some larger-than-life Harry Potter balloons and your decorations will take on a whole new dimension.

For maximum effect, we recommend Harry Potter giant balloons such as a Harry Potter shield shaped balloon. Include them as part of a Harry Potter balloon display and they will look perfect! Creating a Harry Potter balloon display is easier than you might think!

Mix and match some Harry Potter birthday balloons with some Harry Potter foil balloons, with a few careful measurements, you have something beautiful to decorate with. A standalone Harry Potter giant balloon works really well as a surprise Harry Potter gift too! If you want to make it extra special, why not add a Harry Potter Balloon in a Box or Bouquet?

Whether you want some Harry Potter birthday balloons with personalisation or a single balloon for a birthday morning, you will find all the Harry Potter balloons you need at Party Save Smile.

Harry Potter Party Bags

Thanking your guests for coming to your Harry Potter themed birthday is always a nice touch. Whether you are having a Harry Potter 30th birthday, or a Harry Potter 16th birthday party, we still think Harry Potter party bags are a great option. Who doesn’t love some sweets and treats in a themed bag at their party? We think you should add some Harry Potter party favours too, they will be a nice touch.

Why not include some Harry Potter glasses as favours in your bags? Your guests will love donning their Harry Potter glasses and catching a few snaps too!

Harry Potter Party Games

The best party needs to have a game or two, and the best Harry Potter themed party should have some Harry Potter party games, even fanatic about Harry Potter 18 year olds will love a good game, even if they don’t let it on that they do!

If you are looking for a game that is sure to get the party jumping, a Harry Potter pinata might just be what you need! Our Harry Potter sorting hat game can be hung ready for your guests to play.

Just like any pinata, you are going to need some great sweets and treats to load your Harry Potter pinata with so that the grand finale is full of excitement! We recommend leaving your Harry Potter sorting hat game until towards the end of your party to play, it is a great way to perk up your and end the party with a ban!

Harry Potter Birthday Party Supplies

With your Harry Potter party games in hand, your focus is going to switch to your Harry Potter party supplies and accessories.

Complementing your Harry Potter Decorations is important here. The big question is what Harry Potter birthday theme supplies do you need? The best Harry Potter themed party needs matching Harry Potter birthday party supplies that all balance and work in harmony.

Send some Harry Potter invitations out to your guests early to let your VIPs know the key details about your party. We think using Harry Potter invitations will really stir up excitement among your guests about your theme too!

Set up your tables perfectly for your Harry Potter birthday theme with a Harry Potter tablecloth and some Harry Potter napkins. A Harry Potter tablecloth will not only make your tables look themed, it will also protect them from any unwanted spills and crumbs. Some Harry Potter plates are perfect to put your food on. Your guests will love the effort you have put into theming your food as they load up their Harry Potter plates with some great food.

Harry Potter party cups are also a great option for serving drinks at your party. Some of our Harry Potter party cups can even hold hot drinks! Don’t forget your cake! Add some Harry Potter candles to your cake as a finishing touch, it will look epic.

With such a big selection of Harry Potter party supplies including Harry Potter party invitations, balloons, and Harry Potter party tableware, including cups, plates, napkins and tablecovers, you won’t need to look anywhere else.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any easier, our Harry Potter birthday box packs do just that. Our magical ready to order Harry Potter party packs, have carefully been made so that you can spend more time celebrating!

With Free and Next Day UK Delivery options available on all Harry Potter party supplies and decorations, at Party Save Smile, we are certainly fairer than Lord Voldemort!

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