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Don’t let arranging a Butterfly theme party give you butterflies. Beautiful, colourful and elegant, our Butterfly balloons and Butterfly party decorations will effortlessly bring your party to life. Spread your wings as you flutter and sparkle with some great Butterfly birthday decorations.

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Our party supplies are Officially Licenced products and include essentials such as Tablecovers, Plates, Napkins, Cups, Party Balloons, Party Decorations, Party Banners, Party Bags and Party Packs.

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Butterfly Theme Party - A Gorgeous Party Theme

A Butterfly theme is a fantastic choice for so many occasions. Whether you are looking to have a Butterfly birthday theme, such as a Butterfly theme party for 1st birthday, a Babyshower Butterfly theme or celebrate one of natures most iconic and beautiful insects, there are so many reasons why a Butterfly birthday theme party is the one for you.

If you are looking for a colourful and engaging theme, a Butterfly theme ticks all the boxes, with the added bonus that it looks stunning too!

For us, we love the symbolic and relatable journey that a Butterflies lifecycle represents. Not only does it look beautiful, but the journey from a Caterpillar to something so beautiful is something that has a deeper meaning that is true to so many of life best bits. It is these moments in our lives that we celebrate and often mean we have a party.

It is this symbolism that we think makes a Butterfly Wedding theme a simply stunning idea. The symbolism of two lives that evolve into a moment of beauty is steeped with symbolism and the blooming of this beauty into such a special moment is so perfect.

Whatever the reason, our Butterfly party supplies will make sure you have everything you need to make it your own. Of course, you will need some beautiful Butterfly party tableware to get started. We think some Butterfly paper plates is a good place to start. Add your Butterfly paper plates to a table dressed with a Butterfly table cover, surrounded by some Butterfly party cups and some Butterfly napkins and your Butterfly party tableware will begin to take shape. We think it is important to think about making a sustainable Butterfly party and so using items such as Butterfly paper plates, that are widely recyclable and sourced from sustainable sources will really help this.

Butterfly theme party for 1st birthday

If you are having a Butterfly theme birthday party, perhaps a Butterfly theme party for 1st birthday, some games are going to be a great idea and we think Butterfly pinatas are a great game option. Fill your Butterfly pinatas with Butterfly party favors and some tasty treats or sweets and your guests will have great fun and a tasty treat at the end.

Babyshower Butterfly theme

For your Babyshower Butterfly theme, you could fill your Butterfly pinata with Pink or Blue confetti to reveal the gender of your new arrival – this is a great way to get your guests excitement peaking! You could even take your guests bets on what you will be having and make a game of it.

Of course, Butterfly party bags should be one of the Butterfly party supplies that you don’t overlook. It is good etiquette to thank your guests coming to your party, especially at a Butterfly birthday party. Add some tasty treats and Butterfly party favors to your party bags and your guests will be glad they came. An even easier way to use Butterfly party bags is to use them to hand out a slice of birthday cake in!

Butterfly Balloons

If you are thinking about what Butterfly theme decoration is a must have among your Butterfly party decorations, it has to be Butterfly Balloons.

The famous quote starts ‘Float like a butterfly…’ and what decoration does this better than a Butterfly foil balloon? Don’t stop at one though. There are so many choices of Butterfly helium balloons for you to find. Whether you want your balloons Butterfly shaped or you are going to create an impressive Butterfly balloon arch, you are going to need the right Butterfly balloon decorations.

We think for a large celebration, a Butterfly balloon arch just might be the ultimate decoration. Combine pinks, purples, whites and perhaps a hint of green and your arch will look fantastic. Add some Butterfly helium balloons selectively across the arch and perhaps a Butterfly foil balloon at the top and voila, stunning.

Sometimes a Butterfly balloon arch might just be a bit unrealistic or too much. For a home party or a smaller occasion, a bouquet of Butterfly helium balloons will be perfect. Use them to make a beautiful Butterfly table centrepiece or free-standing floor decoration and your balloons Butterfly will really look special too. We love a carefully arranged cluster of Butterfly foil balloons and positioned correctly your guests will think they look stunning too.

Butterfly Birthday Decorations – Elegance and Colour combined

To complete your party, you are going to need some complementing Butterfly party decorations that are as beautiful as your Butterfly party tableware and Butterfly balloons.

The décor you choose is of course going to depend heavily on what the reason for your party is. If you are hosting a Butterfly theme for 1st birthday, then of course you are going to need a Butterfly birthday banner or two and some great Butterfly birthday party decorations such as hanging swirls.

For a wedding we think your main focus is going to surround your Butterfly balloon decorations and perhaps some Butterflies table decorations, whether this is place settings, or favour boxes. We think some Butterfly balloon decorations look fantastic on wedding tables as centrepieces.

For larger occasions where your Butterfly theme party decorations might need to be a bit more extensive that at a smaller Butterfly birthday party, a great option is a Butterfly theme backdrop. You could use this to decorate a wall or perhaps have your Butterfly theme backdrop in an opportune spot for photos or selfies.

With so many great Butterfly theme decorations to use and plenty of ways to make some DIY Butterfly decorations, your Butterfly party theme really will look spectacular.

Our Butterfly party supplies include filled party bags, party invitations, balloons, decorations and tableware, including cups, plates, napkins and tablecovers. Fly away with one of our ready to order Butterfly party pack ideas.

With Free and Next Day UK delivery options available, we think you have everything you need to give your guests that floating feeling!

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