5 Tips that will Help Create an Eye Catching Balloon Display

How to Create an Eye Catching Balloon Display

Some of the best party decoration ideas revolve around balloons, balloons are so much more than for taping to walls, tables, or ceilings.

Creating an eye catching balloon display is much easier than you might think and when you can use balloons to create simple yet amazingly elaborate, and homemade displays, adding a true wow factor to your event, whatever it may be, might just be easier than you thought!

Creating elaborate and eye-catching balloon displays are easier than you might think and you certainly do not have to be a party planning expert to create an amazing DIY balloon display.

Here are 5 top tips to bring your most elaborate balloon displays to stunning reality.

How to Create an Eye Catching Balloon Display - Mix Balloon Sizes

1) Mix Balloon Sizes in your Balloon Display

Any visual display must be engaging, interesting and captivating and an attractive and engaging balloon display is no different. We are all more attracted to objects that have a certain level of creativity in place. Looking at the same thing in the same exact composition, gets boring and this is why an important element of creating an eye catching balloon display is using mixed balloon sizes and layers.

Mixing balloon size and layers will ensure you never allow your balloon displays to be boring again. By mixing various sizes you add interest and value to a balloon display. Allow layers of smaller balloons to come out from a central, larger balloon for a more fluid flow to your display.

How to Create an Eye Catching Balloon Display - Co-ordinate colours

2) Co-ordinate the colours in your DIY Balloon Display

Balloon size is not the only factor to contend with. Balloon displays look great with colour and coordinating the right colours to make sure your balloon display offers a co-ordinated colour palette is just as important.

Plan out the décor you are going to use at your celebration and plan your balloon display colours to match. Visually balloon displays are very impactful, but often they are not the only decorations at an event. So if you get the wrong colour palette, even the greatest balloon display might look underwhelming or just lacklustre! When you want to create an eye catching balloon display, you want it to stand out as a piece all its own, but if it does not blend with other colours for the party, the centerpiece will look out of place.

Plan a primary balloon colour or two for your balloon display and then think about the co-ordinating colours, so your balloon table display or helium balloon display can mimic the other colors at the event. Consider various shades of the same colour for your display or contrasting colour combinations to create bold visual decorations.

How to Create an Eye Catching Balloon Display - Theme It

3) Give your DIY Balloon Display a Theme

Every party needs a theme and a balloon display should be no different. When you are creating eye catching balloon displays, your theme should be emphasized. Choosing a theme does not have to be difficult, it could be a simple colour or a something more specific like a mermaid.

Theming your balloon displays adds just a little extra level of extravagance to the party. Most people are not artists by trade, a great themed foil balloon should do the trick and make your balloon display on point! Adding in a few touches to your balloon display is relatively easy. For instance, if your theme is all about superheroes, add their emblem to the balloon display.

For best results, and for those who lack the artistic hand for drawing and painting, we think a printed latex balloons are an easy way to go that extra mile without causing any unnecessary stress, they are a great way to help your DIY balloon display looking amazing.

How to Create an Eye Catching Balloon Display - Personalise

4) Personalise your Balloon Display

Themed balloon displays look great, but when great is not quite enough, and you need to bring the wow factor to the party you cannot beat personalisation.

When you need a balloon display at a birthday party or for balloon table displays, a personalised touch to the décor will take you a long way. Personalised items balloon displays are great for adding the name of a person or company and help to bring the focus of the display to what the personalized message is for. If it is for a person, they will feel extra special, if it is for a brand, it makes that brand memorable, stand out and will impress your customers or business associates.

Having a personalised balloon display is a great way to add a little personality to the display and emphasize the reason why everyone is at the party. Personalisation is a key ingredient in making any DIY balloon display uniquely your own, so get a little creative and bring a little personal touch to the party via your balloons.

How to Create an Eye Catching Balloon Display - Spare Balloons

5) Spare Balloons for your Balloon Display

We have left the most obvious tip until last, but it is the most important one of all, yet it is the most simple but overlooked tip of them all!

Make sure you have some spare balloons! Our balloons are all of the highest quality, but things do go wrong. The more balloons you need for your display, the more chance of you making an error, putting a balloon in the wrong place or one letting you down.

To complete your balloon display, you are going to need the right number of balloons, what if you encounter an issue or make a mistake? Well if you have some trusty spares, you can just work around the issue, but without spares, the display becomes a whole lot more difficult!

A top tip that balloon experts don’t often let you in on is that they always carry spares! Why? Well they make mistakes to! A balloon professional makes wonderful balloon displays, so can you, but when the amount of balloons in the display is scarce due to improper planning, that wow factor is not going to be there. Unfortunately balloons are stretched and pressurized, the slightest mistake can cause balloons to rip, tear or pop, even the best balloon professional has this happen!

Whether you are working on a unique balloon garland or a helium balloon display, make sure you have extra balloons to go around. If you end up with extras, you can try your hand at decorating some other part of the party with balloons. You can never have too many.

How to Create an Eye Catching Balloon Display - Summary

So there you have it, some top tips to set you on your way to creating your next balloon display, or even your first! If you find yourself endlessly combing the internet for balloon display near me or similar things? Why not give it a go yourself and try something a little different and if you have never made a balloon display, simply give it a go. You might surprise yourself and create something spectacular. Besides when you make homemade balloon display pieces, you get to choose the colours, sizes, and all design features, so you can make them exactly what you want them to be.

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