Green Number 6 Balloon in a Box

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Personalise your balloon with your own special message

One side of your balloon (up to 30 characters) - add £6

Two sides of your balloon (up to 30 characters per side) - add £8

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Product Info

Inflated Dark Green Giant Number 6 Balloon in a Box Gift.

Product at a Glance

✔ Arrives Inflated with Helium
✔ Arrives Tied to Ribbon and Weight
✔ Personalise your balloons (additional charges apply)
✔ Add a Gift Message (additional charges apply)
✔ Material: Foil
✔ Balloon Size: 34 inches; Plain Colour/Themed Balloon Size 17/18 inches

Two Great Options for You – Choose Your Perfect Balloon Arrangement

  • 1 Giant Number Balloon: 1 x Number Balloon
  • 1 Giant Number and 3 Balloons: 1 x Number Balloon and 3 x Plain Coloured Balloons

Why Customers Love Our Number Balloon in a Box?

  • Perfect as a Surprise Gift
  • Makes a Beautiful Party Decoration
  • Balloons Ready to Use on Delivery
  • Make it a Balloon Display with Ease!
  • Personalisation Makes it Extra Special
  • Adds a Theme to your Celebration Instantly

Want to Personalise Your Balloon?

Personalisation is a great way to make a number balloon more meaningful or personal - especially if you send it as a gift. Please note, only one balloon will be personalised in your bouquet.

We can personalise more than one balloon per bouquet, however we would need to create this as a bespoke order, for this to be possible you would need to contact us by email, additional charges will apply.

Everything You Need to Celebrate or Host a Party in One Place

Everyone loves balloons and whatever their age you can send a super surprise with a Dark Green Giant Number 6 Balloon, they make a great gift, table centrepiece and party decoration.

Why not create the perfect party theme with our great collection of party decorations available to buy online 24/7?

We also sell 16 inch Letter Balloons in various colours which are the perfect way to spell out a name or phrase!

We Recommend Choosing a Fast Delivery Option

You can also order ahead and let us know the date you need them, we will then delay shipping based on the preferred delivery date you provide! For best results we recommend choosing a Next Day delivery option.

Please note, we cannot ship inflated balloons outside of the UK.

Please note, the Balloon has no text printed upon unless you click and add text to the "Personalise Balloon?" Button.

How do your balloon bouquets look?

How do foil helium balloon bouquets look

The images we used for our inflated balloons are digitally made, as unfortunately we cannot capture images of our whole balloon range inflated - we have thousands of different options!

We understand you want to know what your balloons will look like on delivery so that you can be sure your balloon bouquet meets your expectations. We compiled some real-life images of our popular bouquets, to show you how your balloon bouquets will look on receipt and the packaging they arrive in.

We offer lots of choice with our balloons, and how they will look on arrival depends on the type and size of the balloons in your order.


We love personalisation! Why not add a personalised touch to your balloons and make your balloon bouquet something truly special and truly unique? We offer personalisation on all of our balloons and bouquets, you can customise just one or both sides of a balloon with your own text! So whether you wish to add the name of the recipient, a special wish, an important date, or just an inside joke, the possibilities are endless.

We can add up to 30 characters of text per side of each balloon. Expertly crafted and attached to your balloons by one of our experts, to ensure our high level of quality is met. We can offer bespoke personalisation, all you have to do is ask!

Personalised Foil balloon bouquets

If you wish to create a bespoke orders with more than one personalised balloon, drop our team an email. We can then prepare a quote tailored to your needs.

Gift Messages

Let your recipient know who their balloon is from with a special wish by adding a gift message to your balloon(s). We handwrite your gift message onto coloured card and attach this to the weight the balloons are attached to.

Personalisation and Gift Messages are options that you can add to your order on the product page of the balloon(s) you select, before they are added to your cart. Please note that we do not alter your personalisation or gift messages in any way, so we cannot correct any spelling or grammatical errors!

Packaging and shipping:

Our balloon experts pride themselves in their work, preparing every balloon order by hand to ensure they look fantastic on arrival. Where you order more than one balloon or bouquet, these are supplied uniformly.

Each balloon is carefully inflated and attached to coordinating ribbon and weights. If you order a bouquet of balloons, we arrange the balloons at staggered heights allowing the recipient to ensure each and every balloon can be seen and admired. After your balloons are made, any personalisation and gift messages are added to the order.

After preparation, we allow your balloons to rest, usually for at least an hour. Why you ask? Well. We want our customers to receive the perfect balloons each and every time. This resting period means that we can quality check your balloons for faults that were not visible before inflation.

Once they have been quality checked, your balloons are then packaged into a sturdy cardboard box that snugly fits the balloons inside to avoid any problems in transit. Single balloons are packed in plain kraft or white boxes (which may have decorative print on them such as polka dots, stars and swirls, this is subject to availability). Larger bouquets are packaged in plain kraft or plain white boxes. Balloon bouquets containing Large Shaped balloons or more 18” Balloons are packaged in plain kraft boxes. A courier label with your address is attached, as well as 2 stickers reading: “do not open with sharp objects”, and a courier label to ensure the balloons are not transported by the courier by air.

If you wish for the contents to be a surprise, we can send your balloon in a box, inside another outer box (it is your responsibility to make us aware of this requirement before placing your order, as this would incur additional material costs and a delivery charge due to the additional weight the extra box would add), meaning the inside box containing the balloons will not have any stickers on it. Our couriers require these labels on the outer box for the shipping process, and so we cannot leave them off. Once opened, the balloons will float out of the box, making a lovely surprise for the recipient!

Balloon in a box packing information


We offer the following types of balloon:

18” Foil Balloons

Our 18” Balloon in Box gifts are our best seller! In this size of balloon we offer 5 Bouquet size options for you to select per design of balloon we offer:

Our balloon specialists expertly hand craft each balloon bouquet to match your order. As you will see, we tend to work in odd number, as this prevents the eye from dividing the design into 2!

Each balloon bouquet is unique, containing colour co-ordinated plain coloured balloons. You can find more details about what is included in each balloon bouquet in the product description for your chosen balloon design(s).


1 and 3 balloon foil balloon bouquets5 balloon foil bouquets​​​​​

Bubble/Orbz Sphere Shaped Balloons

Our bubble and orbz balloons are a popular choice, lasting longer than a traditional 18” foil balloon. Supplied either as a standalone balloon with a collar (cluster of 4 mini balloons under the main balloon) and for some balloons the option to add a star balloon to make your chosen design extra special.

Balloon Packages

A favourite among party organisers and parents, our ready inflated balloon packages are just perfect for anyone decorating a venue in a hurry, or to transform a front room or bedroom promptly. Each package includes 1 x Large Shaped Feature Foil Balloon, 2 x Themed 18” Foil Balloons and a further 20 ready inflated latex balloons. All you have to do is open the box, empty the contents and place where you like – all balloons are already colour co-ordinated, themed and supplied ready inflated. We always like to think outside of the box!

Want to make your own balloon package? No problem, send us an email with the design you require – our team of balloon experts would be happy to help!

Large Shaped/Letter/Number Balloons

Our Large Shaped balloons are available in a number of designs, including numbers, letters, children’s characters and other themed shapes. The large shaped balloons are supplied as a standalone balloon on a weight.

supershape large character and letter number balloons


Size guide-

DISCLAIMER: The guide image is approximation ONLY, and is not an exact representation of your bouquet heights. As our bouquets are hand made, there may be a slight difference in height.


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