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Biodegradeable confetti offers a versatile, colourful and beautiful decoration. When it comes to using it, the possibilities are endless! Perfect for a wide range of occasions, from birthdays, to baby showers and weddings, biodegradeable confetti is a great option in a variety of situations.

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How to use Biodegradable tissue confetti?

We often get asked where and how to use confetti biodegradable to maximum effect? There is no getting away from the fact that for most, when they think of biodegradeable confetti, they think confetti at a wedding! We will get to that in a moment.

The thing is, there are so many other ways to use paper confetti at a celebration and have maximum impact. Struggling for ideas? How about about using biodegradable confetti bulk in a pinata at a birthday party? Add your confetti alongside sweets and treats, when the pinata is broken, imagine the look on your guests faces as they are showered with biodegradable tissue confetti!

At a Gender reveal party, we love the idea of filling a pinata with either blue or pink biodegradable confetti packs to announce the gender of your new bundle of joy.

Why not get creative? Create your own decorations for a birthday or special occasion with biodegradable confetti bulk and create your own confetti garland? They make a unique and one-of-a-kind addition to any celebration. Hung from a ceiling or a wall it is sure to make an impact and be exactly how you want it to look!

If you want to take your confetti to a more exciting level, why not think about using sone confetti cannons? A biodegradable confetti cannon goes off with a bang and creates a very dramatic event at your occasion. This makes them just perfect for extra special occasions such as, graduations, New Year’s party or a baby showers.

Biodegradable confetti cannons work great at birthday parties too, but should only be used by adults. Imagine the pop of a biodegradable confetti cannon along with a cheer of “Surprise” from all your guests. A biodegradable confetti cannon makes a great photo opportunity. When used for a surprise announcement it is a great way to capture your guests faces as they receive the news.

There are times when we all have to work to a tight budget, no decoration can help that budget go further than confetti! Looking for cheap biodegradable confetti ideas? Why not use our cheapest biodegradable confetti to decorate your party tables? A few sprinkles per table, will instantly add a decorative touch to any celebration.

Another popular way to use our cheap biodegradable confetti to put some into your party invitations or in a birthday card. It works well as a little extra surprise.

Biodegradable Wedding Confetti

The first thing that comes to mind when we picture a wedding is the happy couple being showered with confetti. This biodegradable confetti wedding shower scene is a classic photo for many and is a great way to get your guests in on the action on your big day. Let your guests throw some biodegradable wedding confetti and capture a memory that is priceless. We think it is a must have on your photo list and it symbolises the moment of “we are married!” perfectly.

As with any aspect of planning your wedding, your biodegradable wedding confetti also requires some careful thought.

The first point to consider is how many guests will you need biodegradable wedding confetti for?

Each guest is going to need at least one handful, of wedding confetti biodegradable, we think two handfuls is ideal, to allow for a great photo opportunity. Luckily our biodegradable wedding confetti selection includes a great variety that is available in different pack sizes to allow you to get everyone involved.

Another careful point to consider, is where will the confetti throw take place? Whether it will be inside or outside, choosing the right colour of wedding confetti biodegradable is important. The colour confetti you choose should depend on the look you want to achieve for this shot. You definitely want to ask you photographers advice so that you can source the right confetti for the shot!

White biodegradable confetti or purple biodegradable confetti are great options. They should be strong contenders if you want your biodegradable confetti wedding to stand out in the photographs. If you are looking for a more minimal photo that focusses on something else in the shot, it might be best to opt for a pale shade.

You might also want to consider the shaped of your confetti or using a confetti in a mix of colour shades. We have some great wedding throwing confetti biodegradable available in a variety of colour shades and shapes.

So, whether you need wedding confetti biodegradable or biodegradable rice paper wedding confetti we have all your needs covered!

Biodegradable Confetti Boxes

An important point to consider at a wedding is what will your guests confetti be held in until they need to use it? We think using biodegradable confetti boxes or biodegradable confetti packets is a great solution to this. They keep everything together and are ideal for placing in bags or pockets without the confetti spilling out!

Another way to make confetti hassle free at your wedding is to provide your guests with biodegradable confetti boxes to use. They come with the confetti pre-boxed and ready to go, allowing you to concentrate on your big day!

An increasingly popular way to hold confetti at a wedding or special occasion is to use some biodegradable confetti cones. They look great placed at the exit of your wedding venue, ready for your guests to take and shower the happy couple!

Biodegradable confetti packets and biodegradable confetti bags are another good option. Biodegradable confetti bags and biodegradable confetti packets are also great for other occasions too, such as baby showers or a gender reveal party! Fill some biodegradable confetti packets with either pink or blue confetti for your guests to open when the big reveal happens. This will make them a part of the moment too!

A great choice of Biodegradable Paper Confetti Colours

Co-ordinate your colours with our biodegradable tissue paper confetti! Your party colour scheme needn’t be boring with our extensive choice of biodegradable tissue confetti colours including purple biodegradable confetti, gold biodegradable confetti and white biodegradable confetti.

We often get asked for our tips on what colour choice to use for certain occasions.

We love white biodegradable confetti at a wedding, it gives a classic and elegant feel to any size wedding and will stand out against a range of backdrops. Why not use it for a winter themed wedding too? It is a great way of bringing a snowy look to a photo!

Purple biodegradable confetti symbolises luxury and grandeur. It is also used to celebrate a royal celebration, purple is your colour if this is the look you want to achieve.

Gold biodegradable confetti is often associated with graduations and anniversary parties showered in biodegradable throwing confetti. Mix it with silver and black and it works great at New Year too! The warmth of the gold will enhance any occasion!

Rainbow biodegradable confetti gives a colourful and lively vibe to an occasion which is why it works perfectly at a birthday. It doesn’t matter what age or the theme the birthday party is, it will fit in perfectly! With it’s universal appeal you could use rainbow biodegradable confetti for a pride celebration too.

No matter the occasion, whether a birthday, wedding, or Christmas, you can decorate and accessorise to the maximum with biodegradable paper for confetti.

We are often asked by customers in relation to biodegradable paper confetti uk:

Is Confetti Biodegradable?

The short answer is no! Not all confetti is biodegradable! Having a party or wedding at a venue? Make sure you liaise with your venue closely. This will ensure that you respect the needs of your venue and ensure you source the right type of confetti.

Our top tip is to check with your venue what type of confetti that is allowed before you make a biodegradable confetti bulk buy. Perhaps order a sample pack and take it to the venue to discuss, or just send the pack straight to the venue!

Being paper, our range of paper confetti is biodegradable and is sustainably sourced. You can recycle it too! We stock a range of paper-based confetti which is considered a biodegradable material.

It is also important when choosing the right confetti for you to consider where your confettis biodegradable are to be used? If you are using confetti inside, this is much easier to contain and then clear up at the end of the celebration.

Using confetti outside is much more difficult to contain. This is where would recommend using biodegradable rice paper confetti as it degrades much faster.

When looking for the best biodegradable confetti, the cheap biodegradable confetti UK is not always the best one. A combination of the venues needs and an individual’s core values will shape their choice of confetti. We encourage our customers to make choose a confetti biodegradable UK sourced that works best for them in relation to your own personal choices regarding sustainability.

Where to buy biodegradable confetti?

We work very closely with our suppliers, to ensure we always have options for sustainable products where possible and our paper confetti offers a great biodegradable and recyclable decoration and is much more sustainable that foil and plastic confetti alternatives.

If you are looking for bulk buy biodegradable confetti, with Free and Next Day UK Delivery options, think Party Save Smile!

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